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Where to eat in Eindhoven

This time I’m going to stay close to home, so no suitcase needed. I’d like to show you all my favourite culinary hotspots in Eindhoven. And there are many… I’m offering you a shortlist, for different occasions. Bon appétit!

Always busy, always good

These Eindhoven favourites are always a good idea!

  • Giornale – Stationsplein 12
    I love food sharing, and I’m not the only one. Eindhoven loves Giornale, so the restaurant is packed every night. Reserving a table is a must at this hotspot, even on weekdays. Not strange if you think about it, food sharing is booming. Giornale offers you an Italian version in a hip industrial setting. You can pick your choices out of a news paper (Giornale is Italian for newspaper). My top dishes: coquilles with couscous, bavette with aioli, grilled tuna…so much choice. O and don’t forget to try the dolce sharing, the best of all the deserts presented to you on a wooden plank.
  • Down Town – Smalle Haven
    Food courts are trending, why choose when you can have it all. And you can have it all at Down Town Gourmet Market at the Smalle Haven. A sunny terrace, a cosy indoor food court. Delicious wines, fresh oysters, colourful sushi rolls, potatoes dressed to impress, manly meat from Mr. Meat….and I can keep on going. Down Town is the place to be, especially with a group. Everybody can order their own dishes, all brought to you at your table. This is also a good place to just get a drink!
  • Thym by Parkzicht – Alberdingk Thijmlaan 18
    Just outside the city centre, near to the green Genneper Parken and with free parking. An excellent location to have a walk around the park before a nice dinner at Thym by Parkzicht. The food is good and the staff is welcoming. The ideal place for drinks with friends, romantic dinners and sunday brunches. Thym welcomes everyone. They even have a special dining room for large groups, perfect for a family diner. And last but not least, you can always stay the night at the hotel. So you never have to leave 😉 .
A quick bite at a fair price

Sometimes you don’t want to go all crazy for dinner.  You just want to eat something small before you go to the movies, or after a long day of shopping or you simply have little time. Luckily Eindhoven has more than enough to offer.

  • De Burger – Kerkstraat 5
    The name says it all: You can get a nice juicy burger here. What to think about the Truffle Burger or The Hangover Burger. Top them off with some Chili Fries and you have a real comfort meal. This trendy but small burger place has a wonderful urban vibe. It is relaxed, just as the people serving you. If you are really in a hurry, De Burger is maybe not the ideal place. Because you can’t reserve a table here. But order a special beer while you’re waiting at the bar and you’ll be seated in no time.
  • Trafalgar Pub – Dommelstraat 21
    The Trafalgar pub is always packed. This says something about the price-quality of this nice pub. You can have an excellent meal here for around ten euros. The fact that they also have a very extensive beer list, is also not too bad ;-). I always like the Old Speckled Hen, a somewhat darker beer, that they don’t serve at a lot of places. Because this pub is so incredibly popular, you can never reserve a table on the day itself. Keep this in mind. The Trafalgar pub also has a nice courtyard in the back and a sunny terrace at the Dommelstraat, ideal for a warm summer day. Cheers!
  • Xu Noodlebar – Emmasingel 37
    Noodle soup, fried noodles, rice dishes or delicious side dishes. At Xu Noodlebar you can enjoy Asian style dishes for a small price. For only 10 euros you are slurping away some delicious noodles. Vegan, beef, pork or chicken, everyone can put together their own ideal version. Mild or extra spicy, you decide!
Enjoying lunch in the city
  • Mangiare – Kleine Berg 67-A
    Mangiare is one of my all-time Italian favourites for dinner and lunch. Imagine a sunny day, relaxing in the hidden garden with a cold glass of white wine and some delicious bruschetta. If needed the terrace of this popular hotspot can be covered. This comes in handy when it is too hot to handle outside. Of course there is always enough room inside, but the tables are close together. If you don’t like a vibrant atmosphere, this is not the place for you 😉 .
  • The Hapiness Cafe – Nieuwe Emma Singel 9
    Delicious, healthy and colourful. This is how The Happiness Cafe can best be described. This healthy Walhalla has found its place on the Nieuwe Emma Singel. Colourful breakfast bowls, freshly baked monkey bread, healthy sandwiches, superfood smoothies…. Fit girls can indulge themselves here. But even if you are not training for your summer body, it is delicious here!
  • Toasted & Roasted – Nieuwstraat 23
    I’m a real lover of toasted sandwiches, or as we like to call them in Holland tosti’s. You have a special menu full of toasted sandwiches to choose from at Toasted & Roasted. The club special is really a mouthful, but so delicious! But there are dozens of options to choose from, so you can always find something to your liking. Don’t like toasted sandwiches? They also have delicious roasted burgers, topped with all your favorite things. Just order yours at the bar and the staff will bring it to your table, when it’s ready to eat.
  • Brownies & Downies – Victoriapark 1
    If you like the and incredibly tasty lunch go to Brownies & Downies.  The food is excellent and the staff is very sweet. People with a disability get a chance to do what they love: serving food with a smile…and even the occasionally free hug 🙂 . I really like to come here for a high tea, they make an amazing looking platter. And did I mention they also have a terrace where you enjoy the the sun almost all day. What are you waiting for?
Celebrating love and life at a special location

Sometimes you want to have a special night out: a romantic dinner, celebrating a birthday, celebrating love. These are more expensive dining options than the other ones on the list, but hey it’s a special occasion!

  • Vane – Vestdijk 5
    The sky is the limit at Vane. Not only the food by chef Casimir Evens makes restaurant Vane special, also the view you have from way up above, overlooking the skyline of Eindhoven. The service at this restaurant is also of a high level. The staff has excellent wine knowledge and the dishes are prepared with care. Chef Casimir and his team know how to surprise you with beautiful and delicious dishes every time. Afterwards, I can recommend a cocktail at the only skybar in Eindhoven. Even the cocktails without alcohol are excellent here. And did you know that they also sell Absinthe? Even if you don’t like it, the preparation is already a show in itself. And best of all: if you don’t want to go home you can stay in the NH Collection Hotel, below the restaurant. That’s what I call a full service night out!
  • Valenzia – Stratumseind 103
    My favourit restaurant for celebrating special occasions. Like I said before: I love foodsharing. And Valenzia has the best concept in town. Asian and Mediterranean, combined with excellent wines. I love their Peking duck, Asian oysters, soft shell crab buns and boneless ribs. And that is just a very small selection of their menu. I must honestly say that I would recommend to choose your own dishes. The have a special menu, but you’ll miss out on a lot of lovely dishes that are on the menu.
  • Le Cozy – Kleine Berg 18
    French cuisine on the hip and happening Bergen in Eindhoven. Le Cozy offers you a nice bistro atmosphere, excellent to unwind after a long day at work or shopping. Sit down for a small bite and a good glass of wine or enjoy a cosy dinner. One of their best sellers: steak tartare prepare (a very original do it yourself version), try it and you’ll fall in love with it. And although they have excellent vegetarian and fish dishes, you’ll come back for there meat dishes: filet de boeuf, tournedos…they are all so delicious. Just as the wines. My personal favourite is the Grand Ardéche of Maison Louis Latour.
Star quality
  • Zarzo – Bleekweg 7
    The star in hospitality and cooking in Eindhoven is restaurant Zarzo, rightly crowned with a Michelin Star. The staff is incredibly nice and welcoming, not rigid at all. And the food is of course excellent. After first being pampered by countless delicious amuses, we were presented with very special and tasteful dishes. A bit of sweet, a bit of sour, a bit crunchy, everything is perfectly balanced. At Zarzo you are sure to enjoy a special night out. I can highly recommend it!
Dinner with the family
  • Welp – Kleine Berg 35
    Welp is the perfect place for a family dinner. Nice round tables, impeccable service and very good acoustics – read: you can here each other well, but not the other tables 😉 . Welp has a nice menu, where everybody can find something they love. No crazy things, but good food and high service. I can recommend the starters platter. You get the best of all the delicious bites Welp has to offer. And if you love cheeses and a good port, try them here. Their cheese platter is very good and the port is perfectly matched.
  • Gusto 040 – Gestelsestraat 230
    Gusto is just outside the central ring of Eindhoven. It’s a family owned restaurant, perfect for all ages. The restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere and you’re sure to get a big smile from the just as welcoming staff. The creativity and enthusiasm of the owners is reflected in their interior and in their menu (made from covers of old gramophone records). They also have a nice and cosy garden to dine outside, dressed up with atmospheric lights hanging in the trees and signs with funny sayings. During weekdays the have a special offer, the MaDiWoDo-Hap (translated: MoTuWeTh-Dish). Good, healthy comfort food for a very good price!
More tips?

Eindhoven’s culinary industry is booming. New places open their doors weekly. If you want to keep up with the latest hotspots, you should follow Eindhovens Rondje!

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