Momade cupcakes

Antwerp Belgium cupcake

Sweet, colourful and o so delicious! If you have a sweet tooth you won’t be disappointed in Antwerp. Besides the famous Belgian waffles and chocolate, there is a new star in town: Momade cupcakes. And o my god they are so good.

Momade cupcakes has the cutest cupcakes that look like little art works. What to think of a lavender cupcake with a flower on top or an apple cupcake with honey and walnuts … mmm. But wait for it, there is more: macaroons in all flavours and colours.

It is nearly impossible to pass this store without trying and buying some sweets. I tried the apple, honey and walnut cupcake…yummy. It almost looked to good to eat, but I did it anyway 😉 .

The cupcakes are medium sized, so you don’t feel like you’re stuffing yourself. Smart move by Momade, because that leaves room for a second delicious treat.

Where can you find them?

Momade cupcakes has two shops in Antwerp:

  • Reyndersstraat 37 in Antwerp
  • Meir 78 in Antwerp (in the Stadsfeestzaal)
Order online

And yes, they do deliveries as well in the Benelux! So even if you aren’t in the neighbourhood, you can still enjoy these delicious treats.